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Your Umbrella PAYE Company – Cool Company

Q: Could you tell me who you are and what Cool Company is all about? Of course, my name is Kris Simpson and I’m the Head of B2C for Cool Company UK. Cool Company is a digital umbrella company, who support contractors in the UK with managing the invoice and PAYE payroll process for the…
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The Best Webcams and Mics for Remote Work

With remote work becoming popular in recent months, webcams and mics have become a necessity. If you're a remote worker or an employer, then you're well aware of the importance of good team communication. When it comes to working remotely, good communication is essential, whether it's with clients, employees, or your employer. If you're going…
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Creating a Successful Remote Work Culture – Chris Dyer

Q: Can you tell me a little bit more about PeopleG2 and what made you start the company? Could you start from the beginning… Yeah, we started back in 2001. So a lot of the things that I have done have been a result of some larger, you know, global event, something big happens. And…
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How to Create Your Perfect Remote Work Schedule

Never has the desire to work from home been as high as it is now. Thankfully, the technology to do so is better today than it has ever been. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 62% of employees say they want to work remotely, while 56% feel that aspects of their current job can be done from…
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