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How To Optimise Your Resume For Remote Work

No matter why you are searching for a new job, your resume is often the deciding factor on if and when you land an interview. You should curate a perfect remote work resume to ensure that you land on your ideal work-from-home job. The resume can be a game-changer during your job hunt - just…
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18 Companies Switching to Remote Work in 2021

Many companies around the world have realised that working remotely is the future of the workforce. It’s true that the transition to remote work might be initially disconcerting to many. But, over a year after the start of the pandemic, both employers and employees have realised the potential of working remotely. According to tech recruiters,…
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Remote Work Advice by Remote Career Coach Fabrizia

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself and your position as a Remote Career Coach. What does a Remote Career Coach do and what led you to start working remotely? A: My name is Fabrizia Zanca, I’m 34, Italian, living in Barcelona (Spain) with my Dutch husband and our 4yo daughter... and we have a…
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Why “Scoping” Is The Best Remote Job You’ve Never Heard Of

When we mention remote jobs, most of us may think of tech gigs, blogging and technical writing, or virtual customer service. But, besides these popular careers, there are many lesser-known remote jobs with high-paying salaries and great career longevity. In this article, we'll introduce scoping, a remote career that you've likely never heard of. Scopists…
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